The Sales Success Test

Do you have everything in place to convert prospects into customers?

Converting prospects into customers and growing your business requires great sales foundations, good sales skills and a clear prospect journey!

Do you have these in place?

Do you know what your odds are of achieving consistent sales success?

Take the Sales Success test and discover your score to find out your chances of achieving great sales results.

Let's get started!

James White James White - the UK's leading prospect conversion expert.

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The Sales Success Test

Due to the face-to-face and personal approach of delivering the Growth Academy to customers, our service is currently only available to people in the UK

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Thanks for completing my Sales Success Test.

Did it make you think?

Did it give you some ideas for how you could achieve better results?

My passion is to help you convert turn targets into actual numbers. I love seeing you close business and get that feeling of winning business!

Within the next few minutes, you should see an email in your inbox (please check your SPAM folder in case it has gone in there) which discusses your results more and outlines how I want to help you from here.

Let’s agree a time to talk and build a plan to achieve better results!

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Thank you for completing my test. It looks like you have a lot of the core fundamentals in place to convert prospects into customers but based on the answers you have given I still think I could help you achieve more.

We both know that achieving consistent sales success is not easy.

You need to:

  • Have clear targets in place for what you want to achieve
  • Build solid foundations on which to engage prospects
  • Improve your skills and develop relationships with potential customers
  • Outline clear sales processes and take your prospects on a journey

Your answers tell me you are getting some sales results. Is this the case?

Your business may be growing but from what you have told me, it's not growing as quickly as it could and I want to help change that!

I have built 3 models which I am using to help businesses like yours convert more prospects to customers.

My TRACKFARE model helps you put the solid foundations in place. My DRIVER model helps you develop the skills you need to win more business and my CONVERT model takes your customers on the journey that is needed in a modern world to get them to buy from you!

Let's get on a short call for 15 minutes to discuss these results and see how I can help you achieve more.

Surely you don't want to miss out and leave money on the table?

No I thought not. Book a date in my calendar now and I look forward to going through these results and outlining the plan that will get you and your business where you deserve to be.

I have a large number of companies keen to utilize my knowledge and skills in this area and so lets get this booked up now. You can do this by clicking on this link and booking a Prospect Conversion Review now

I can't wait to speak with you and work with you.

At your side on your new sales journey!

James White
The UK's Leading Prospect Conversion Expert

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